Moore Marriott

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Here are some things and people we like

Friends of ours

Frog Soup - Our web designers

Cityscape Records - Our record label

idb music - Ian's site for his film & tv music.

Joel Roberts - Our bass player Joel's site.

Paul Thornton - Our mate Paul's site. Tip top guitarist.

Bands we like

Richard Barry & the Chaps - Tweed Rock

Claire Mooney - Great songs, great voice, great performer.

Moore Marriott: My Space page - Our My Space site

The Low Numbers - Another vid for The Low Numbers. This time their version of The Beatles classic 'i'm Only Sleeping'.

The Low Numbers - The Low Numbers are the covers band Ian & Adam play in with Mike Anderton. Here's their video for the Eddie Cochran song '20 Flight Rock'

The Deadbeats - Rick Hughes' hardworking covers band

Steve O'Donoghue - We've known Donny for donkeys' years. He used to be the singer in the pre-Hulio Ridiculo band, Rich But Happy-along with Adam on bass, Rod Smith on guitar & Jason Kellet on drums.

Little Volcanoes - Our mate Sam is the drummer.They've got loads on vids on utube. What's not to like? Check 'em out!

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